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Wedding Videography


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AC Photography - sydney wedding photographer
Wedding Cinematography in Sydney
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Preserve Your Dream Day With Our Affordable Sydney Wedding Videography Packages

A photo album of your precious wedding day is to be treasured forever. However, hiring a videographer is invaluable for an even more complete record to relive at any time or show family and friends who couldn’t attend your event.

So, for your once-in-a-lifetime day, why not hire a Sydney-based wedding videography professional?

What Sets Our Wedding Videography Package Options Apart?

AC Photography provides professional videography and customer service to ensure we record your dream wedding beautifully for posterity.
We offer a selection of wedding day packages to suit the size of your guest list, your videography preferences, and your budget.
You can choose from our:

Twelve-hour package

Our premium option provides up to twelve hours of coverage, including two videographers to ensure optimised coverage. We’ll deliver a 40 to 50-minute feature video using full high-definition (HD) professional video cameras, professional audio recording, and professional supporting equipment. In addition, you’ll receive a five to six-minute full HD highlight video. The package also includes free pre- and post-booking consultations to ensure we understand your preferences and requests.

Eight-hour package

Our popular eight-hour package offers everything included in the premium package, with a 35-45-minute full HD wedding feature film, professional supporting equipment without the highlight video.

Six-hour package

Our six-hour package offers everything included in the eight-hour package, with a 30-40-minute full HD wedding feature film.

What You Should Know About Hiring a Wedding Videographer in Sydney

A wedding videographer provides a lasting record of all the important elements of your special day, beyond the classic wedding ‘landmark’ moments. However, hiring a qualified and experienced wedding-specific videographer and the right one for your needs is essential to ensure:

A high-quality outcome

Wedding cinematography is not the same as photography. For agencies just starting to offer videos, handling the equipment, framing the videos, and knowing what to film, may not yet be second nature. So, ensure you source an experienced Sydney cinematographer with proper wedding credentials. After all, you won’t be able to repeat this one-off day to redo your video.

You stay within budget

Relying on a photographer and a videographer can add to your investment. So, look for reputable Sydney agencies whose packages include reliable videography. We recommend paying more for your ideal video rather than choosing the cheapest option, even if you must compromise on less important aspects of the day to afford it.

Your styles and
personalities align

Request examples of the videographer’s work to understand whether their cinematographic style is for you. Pay particular attention to video and audio quality. You can also refer to our galleries, testimonials and references.

Capture the magic of your special day with AC Photography

Book your dream wedding shoot in Sydney today and let us turn your moments into cherished treasures

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